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Proof of Concept: Week 3

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Goals for Week 3:

  • Continued Platform Development
  • Continued PingOS Design
  • Begin installation material research

Continued Platform Development

Chris has done some exceptional work on architecting and abstracting, and created an app that presents realtime data from the sensors in an ordered way. We’re at the point now that we should revisit what the best way to present data to a developer might be. By side? By corner? In pixels? Percentage? Physical measurement? We think we’ve essentially ironed out the best case for this, but we’ll know for sure how affective our choices are when we start developing games.

Continued PingOS Design

I’ve sketched out a few basics concepts for visualizing a grid based game selection interface. My plan is to flesh out these ideas in Photoshop, and then move forward with a few to a Flash based prototype. We can then hopefully do some usability testing using our full scale prototype. How exciting!

Begin installation material research

The biggest concern that we have in this whole operation is the actual physical installation. We plan on letting the process of finding funding help dictate some of those choices. However, there is still plenty for us to know and learn. We’ve begun the process of investigating materials and doing preliminary physical structure sketches. We’re also reexamining how we might be adjusting the affordances of our physical structure. More on this later…

Goals for Next Week:

  • Continued data abstraction
  • Pong game integration
  • 2nd player sensor mounting

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September 15th, 2008 at 7:55 pm

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