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So, I’ve provided a conceptual overview of what the PINGplatform is. Now it’s time for more specifics. Here is what I said before:

The PINGplatform is, in short, a Physically INteractive Gaming platform.

That doesn’t tell you too much, does it? Let’s elaborate:

The PINGplatform is a gaming platform. In focusing on public spaces and how we might explore the place of technology therein, we thought a strictly gaming device would be the most appropriate. You see, people seem to like to play games. So, we hope that by choosing to create a gaming platform, rather than something with more purely artistic motives, we’ll lower the barriers of entry for potential users. Also, by developing games that are easy to understand and quickly play, we hope to make it even easier for people to jump right in. To that end, our first game will be an implementation of the classic game Pong. These points are particularly true when you understand that our target environment is a large public building on a major metropolitan university campus.

Note: The term platform is kind of ambiguous. On a how-does-this-work level, the PINGplatform exists as both a hardware and software platform. There will be much more on these aspects later. Suffice it to say, the term game platform is high level. We just mean its for playing games.

Sketch shows aproximate form factor of the PINGplatform hardware.

Sketch shows aproximate form factor of the PINGplatform hardware.

It is a table. It is an essentially multi-touch table. If you’ve ever seen Microsoft’s Surface, you have an idea of the form factor we’re going for. A very important point needs to be made in reference to the term multi-touch, though. In it’s first version, the PINGplatform will not be multi-touch in the sense that is now popularly implied. Don’t necessarily think iPhone or Surface. You’ll see what this means soon. (However, we do have big plans for version 2! At that point, we hope, you can think iPhone or Surface. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.)

It is a piece of interactive art. This represents some our initial motivations for exploring physical computing in public spaces. PINGplatform will be an art installation just as much as a technology platform. We hope to explore how technology can influence interactions in public. We want to foster impromptu relationships and spontaneous connections. The best art makes you think.

We want to make you think.

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September 1st, 2008 at 7:52 pm

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