PING Platform

An Exploration in Physical Computing

Proof of Concept: Week 5

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Goals for This Week:

  • POC Wrap Up
  • Screen Material Research

POC Wrap Up

Week 5 was spent wrapping up the loose ends for our full scale proof, as well as prepare for the Tuesday adviser meeting. We made a lot of relatively small steps that led to big results. We spent some time more fully integrating the Pong game visually. This makes the proof feel much more complete and holistic. We also reworked some bits of the software platform to make the data more accurate. And finally, Chris built a fantastic smoothing algorithm that all but removes the jitter and small inaccuracies we were seeing in Pong. The PING Platform now feels much more like a solid, complete, playable game.

Screen Material Research

Just a quick note: we’re researching what materials might make the most sense for a rear projection screen, particularly in the context of the cramped table space.

Next Week: Proof of Concept Wrap-Up and Next Steps

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October 3rd, 2008 at 12:25 pm

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