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The PINGplatform is, in short, a Physically INteractive Gaming platform.  In abstract, it is an exploration of physical computing in the context of public spaces, specifically focused on fostering new kinds of interaction in public spaces through technology. In long, it is a physical art installation, a hardware and software platform, and a tool to explore human interaction in public spaces.

The PINGplatform is in it’s infancy. Eventually, the software platform will be released. Plans to build your own hardware platform will come as well. There will be many photos, videos, and words along the way. Stay tuned!

The PINGplatform is a collaborative exploration between Chris Basham and Tony Dewan, with the invaluable guidance of Dr. Polly Baker of the Indiana University Pervasive Technology Labs, and Susan Tennant, Dr. Richard Edwards, and Skip Comer of the Indiana University School of Informatics faculty.

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August 30th, 2008 at 12:44 am

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