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Proof of Concept: Week 4

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Goals for Week 4:

  • Continued data abstraction
  • Pong game integration
  • 2nd player sensor mounting
  • Full scale proof part 1

Continued data abstraction

Up to this point, the data has been abstracted to each corner. We have now added another level of access: the side. This is ultimately what will be used most by developers, we think. The side data takes into account both corners that make up the side. This is where several of the unique aspects of our interface come into existence.

Pong Game Integration

This week, we’ll be integrating the Pong code we have with the platform. This seems like it’ll be pretty quick work. However, it’ll really bring everything together.

2nd Player Sensor Mounting

At this point, we’ve been working with one side. That is, two sensors working together to make the interface for a single user. In order to meet our requirements for a full scale prototype, we’ll be adding another side. This will allow us to actually play Pong against each other instead of against ourselves (or an AI.)

Full scale proof part 1

We’ll hopefully begin setup/construction of our full scale proof of concept this week. We’ve got the space in the Pervasive Lab, we’ve got the sensors and mounting blocks, and we we’ve got the software in a pretty good place too. Our goal for part 1 is to get the space set up and organized, so it can be ready for a software test in part 2. We’ll have pictures once it’s ready.

Goals for Week 5:

  • POC Wrap Up
  • Screen Material Research

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September 22nd, 2008 at 12:12 pm

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